On Time

It takes months to build most public and commercial buildings, but it has taken a lifetime to perfect the systems that ensure on-time performance on the worksite. At JM Lowe, we have built our reputations and careers on performance. If time is money, then overdue construction projects are over-budget projects.

On Budget

Whether for a remodel or renovation or the construction of a large retail or commercial building, the budget is the plan. Accuracy in construction costing is a highly developed blend of technology—estimation and management systems—and the judgment earned from years of managing complex systems, craftsmen and tradesmen.

On Speed-Dial

Public buildings, private church, school or business structures house enterprises that are the real reasons-for-being. Hospitality facilities need guests. Churches need congregations and businesses need customers. A small office building or healthcare facility enables an enterprise to add to our economy. At JM Lowe, we serve to enable these enterprises, not to build an edifice.
JM Lowe & Company is a top-tier commercial construction company, building new construction, additions and renovations for schools, food service, retail, churches, offices, medical and dental clinics and more throughout the Texas Hill Country.